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View Snowflake's spending at any granularity

Get 100% accuracy of your Snowflake spending at any cost type, account, region or service with robust Snowflake cost monitoring capabilities.

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Manage & tag Snowflake in Finout’s MegaBill

Manage and track the spending of all your cloud providers and services in one dashboard, with efficient Snowflake cost management, and then easily add tags for environments or teams.


Detect Snowflake waste & anomalies

Create customizable dashboards to see what you need without the need for Excel, automatically detect waste, and get recommendations to effectively optimize Snowflake costs.


See spending alongside your usage

Use Finout’s native Datadog application to give your dev teams a live view of their spending with no extra charge from Finout.

Snowflake_Datadog Integration

Finout's Snowflake dashboard in action

Why manage only Snowflake spend? You can
manage (and reduce) them all

Import any custom cost center you need

MongoDB? CircleCI? Akami? Even if Finout doesn’t support a full integration at the moment, you can still see your spending in the MegaBill anytime you want.


Forget about Cost Explorer limits

Using Finout’s AWS integration, there are no tagging issues, powerful service granularity, and an entire set of cost optimization layers (CostGuard), helping you reduce spending from day one.


Finally, understand and reduce your Snowflake spent

Don’t treat your Snowflake cost as absolute, break it down to quarry, database, cost type, and more to fully understand your spending and how to optimize it.


Pod level granularity without adding agent

Breakdown costs by any Kubernetes concepts, including deployment, service, namespace label, and more. See costs on multiple clusters when unifying with them on external cloud services or infra spending in Finout’s MegaBill.


Manage Datadog spend as any cost center

Visualize Datadog services spending such as Container Monitoring, APM, and Logging into Finout’s MegaBill, identify unused services, and reduce costs.


New level for GCP cost management

Using Billing Extra Cost, we add your GCP spend alongside your AWS, Kubernetes, Snowflake, and Datadog spend.


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