Our story

Before Finout, two of our founders, Roi and Asaf, would spend their days at Logz.io, wrestling with the current tools in the market in an attempt to shape Logz.io cloud spending into something they could understand.

They weren't able to provide leadership with answers to simple questions like "why is our AWS bill 3% higher this month?" or "how much does this customer cost?".

Roi and Asaf understood that absolute cost is almost meaningless without its matching business metrics and needed the ability to shift from measuring cost to measuring business value.

At Finout, we correlate business metrics with the cloud cost, so you can understand how much you are paying for each unit metric, customer, feature, business unit, and more.
Our story

Our team

Finout's success is a direct reflection of our exceptional team. Consisting of innovative, passionate, and hardworking individuals, our team is the fundamental driving force behind Finout. Together, we are shaping the future of cloud cost optimization, making it better and more efficient.
Our team

What we care about?

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We care about our team and our work and strive to create a positive and empathetic company culture. We care about each person and the unique skill set they bring to the table.



We work together as a team and have the utmost respect for each other. We build together, try together, fail together, and win together. We believe in the power of combined efforts and a transparent environment.

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We encourage people from all genders, religions, pregnancy statuses, nationalities, and backgrounds to join us. We're proud to be working with parents, singles, and even dogs!



Finout is a groundbreaking solution that is radically changing the way companies do business. Our team is dedicated to harnessing our talent to help our customers create business value.


"Cutting edge FinOps platform for a reasonable price."
Thomas BurkeSr. Cloud FinOps

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9 Gartner hype cycles including Emerging Technologies, 2023


“We imagined what the perfect FinOps solution would look like & realized it looked just like Finout.״
Jean-Brice GachotSeniorLead SRE, ManoMano