Streamline your cost optimization
efforts and achieve maximum savings

CostGuard continuously scans your AWS, GCP, Datadog and Kubernetes resources and expenses, identifying potential cost saving opportunities across multiple use cases. With this feature, you have everything you need to effectively optimize your costs and improve your bottom line.


Codeless waste detection from day one

Start saving immediately with CostGuard's codeless waste detection. Instantly identify and eliminate unnecessary cloud costs with no coding required.


Reduce waste for teams, applications, and more

After allocating spend per team, application, region, or any other category using Finout's Virtual Tag feature, our CostGuard feature detects waste in these tagged resources. This allows you to identify specific inefficiencies, uncover savings opportunities, and optimize your budget more effectively.


Prioritize waste recommendations

With CostGuard, your FinOps team can efficiently manage and prioritize detected waste by updating statuses. This allows your team to focus their efforts on the most critical areas, optimizing cost management and enhancing financial outcomes.


Create Jira tickets for your team

After your FinOps team has identified and prioritized waste reduction tasks, create Jira tickets for each task. Assign them to the appropriate team members to take action—whether that’s shutting down unnecessary resources, downgrading services, or adjusting commitments for annual savings. 


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