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Tenable's cloud environment
Company size

1000+ employees


Computer and Network Security


Columbia, USA

About Tenable

Tenable® is an Exposure Management company. Approximately 43,000 organizations around the globe rely on Tenable to understand and reduce cyber risk. As the creator of Nessus®, Tenable extended its expertise in vulnerabilities to deliver the world’s first platform to see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform. Tenable customers include approximately 60 percent of the Fortune 500, approximately 40 percent of the Global 2000, and large government agencies. At the heart of Tenable's SaaS operations is a sophisticated cloud infrastructure, meticulously designed to support dynamic customer environments. This infrastructure is crucial for delivering the products that Tenable's global clientele relies on. Reflecting on this, Vijay, the FinOps Sr. Manager at Tenable, notes. 

“Our multi-provider, multi-technology cloud infrastructure is the backbone of our SaaS products, enabling us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients." 

Vijay Kurra | Senior Manager Cloud DevFinops 


Tenable’s DevFinOps challenge

As Tenable's cloud infrastructure grew, so did the complexity of managing and optimizing cloud costs, especially within Kubernetes environments. Kubernetes, while powerful for container orchestration, introduced challenges in tracking and allocating costs due to its dynamic nature. Tenable needed a solution that could provide deep visibility into total cloud spend across all vendors, down to the pod and container level, enabling Tenable to identify and address inefficiencies and ensure optimal resource allocation. 

Why Finout?

After thoroughly evaluating various DevFinOps solutions, Tenable chose Finout because of its multi-vendor support and its ability to provide detailed cost allocation in dynamic Kubernetes environments, ultimately surpassing the total lifetime value of any competitive offerings. Finout stood out for its exceptional granularity, offering insights into cost drivers at a level of detail Tenable had not experienced before. This advanced visibility far exceeded basic cluster billing solutions, allowing Tenable to pinpoint cost inefficiencies with precision and hold internal development teams accountable for cloud resource usage. 

"Finout's exceptional granularity in cost allocation has been an invaluable asset, providing us with unprecedented insight at all levels of our business, from engineer to senior executives."

Vijay Kurra | Senior Manager Cloud DevFinops

The results of onboarding Finout’s cloud observability platform

The collaboration between Tenable and Finout has led to significant advancements in how Tenable manages and optimizes its cloud resources. With Finout's solution, Tenable has achieved:

  1. 1. Enhanced Cost Efficiency: Tenable has significantly reduced unnecessary cloud expenses across both development and production environments by gaining insights into the granular cost drivers and optimizing resource allocation. 
  2. "Leveraging Finout's insights has optimized our Kubernetes environment and enhanced cost efficiency across all our Tenable Products."

    Vijay Kurra | Senior Manager Cloud DevFinops

  2. 2. Empowered Development Teams: Finout's detailed cost reporting has enabled Tenable's development teams to manage their cloud resource usage more effectively, fostering a culture of cost awareness and efficiency. 
    1. “Finout's advanced visibility capabilities go beyond basic cluster billing, allowing us to identify and address cost inefficiencies with precision and accountability. This level of detail has been instrumental in enabling our development teams to manage their cloud resource usage more efficiently.”

      Vijay Kurra | Senior Manager Cloud DevFinops

    3. 3. Accelerated Innovation: By allocating resources more efficiently and reducing cloud costs, Tenable has been able to reallocate savings towards innovation, further enhancing its cybersecurity offerings. 
    5. 4. Data-Driven Decision Making: The partnership has equipped Tenable's 
      team with the data and insights needed to make informed decisions, driving strategic improvements in their cloud infrastructure management. 
      1. “As the DevFinops Manager, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of this strategic partnership on our ability to make data-driven choices, reduce unnecessary cloud spending, and accelerate our innovation efforts.”

        Vijay Kurra | Senior Manager Cloud DevFinops

The bottom line 

Tenable's success story with Finout highlights the transformative impact of strategic partnerships in optimizing cloud resource management and driving cost efficiency. By leveraging Finout's innovative solution, Tenable has enhanced its cloud cost efficiency and set a new standard for resource optimization in dynamic Kubernetes environments. This partnership exemplifies how organizations can harness the power of DevFinOps to drive innovation, efficiency, and success in the digital age. 

“I highly recommend Finout to any organization seeking to optimize their cloud resource management and drive cost efficiency in dynamic Kubernetes environments. Our experience with Finout has been exceptional, and I am confident that it will continue to play a crucial role in our ongoing success.”

Vijay Kurra | Senior Manager Cloud DevFinops


Key results
  • Gained unparalleled insight into Kubernetes pod and container-level cost drivers. 
  • Enhanced cost accountability and transparency, offering insights into spending behavior.
  • Established strategic partnerships across teams to make data-driven choices & optimize cloud cost and operations.
  • Consolidated all platform service provider expenses into a single view.

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