How Finout's Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection Tool can save you money

Finout's FinOps first Anomaly detection tool uses machine learning and historical data to establish baselines and expected usage automatically and, in turn, creates real-time threshold-based alerts so that the whole team has everything they need to take action quickly and reduce spend from day one, making Finout the ultimate Cost Governance solution

MegaBill Cost Spikes

Using Finout, you can integrate all you cloud provides, datawarehouses and CDNs into one dashboard, then automatically an ML anomaly detection solution starts monitoring it.

Track Cost Anomalies Per Team or Environment

But why stop there? Finout can easily identify unwanted cost spikes by specific unit cost such as individuals, teams, applications, and environments to reduce spend and increase profitability.

Easily Create Custom Alerts

Receive automatic alerts & full content notifications on Slack or email without the need for manual configuration.

See Finout’s Cloud Anomaly Detection in action

Top Use Cases