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MegaBill cost spikes

Consolidate your cloud providers, data warehouses, and CDNs into a single dashboard for seamless cost monitoring. Instantly detect and address any unexpected spikes in cloud costs, ensuring optimal cost management and efficiency.
MegaBill cost spikes

Track cost anomalies at any granularity

Effortlessly pinpoint and address cost spikes attributed to specific units such as individuals, teams, applications, and environments to effectively reduce expenses and enhance profitability.
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Easily create anomaly alerts

Receive real-time alerts for unexpected spikes in cloud costs, triggered by automatic threshold monitoring. Take immediate action via Slack or email, without manual configuration, to address cost issues promptly and effectively.
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Create custom anomalies

Tailor the cloud cost anomaly detection to your teamโ€™s specific requirements by defining custom rules, thresholds, and patterns that align with your unique cost management needs. Gain the flexibility to identify and address cost irregularities that are relevant and meaningful to your team, enabling more accurate and effective cost optimization strategies.
Create custom anomalies

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