What this integration includes

Maximize cost savings and deepen your understanding of Datadog expenses with Finout's three-tiered FinOps approach and effortless Datadog cloud cost management integration.

Our codeless integration allows for streamlined monitoring of Datadog expenses along with other services and data warehouses, enabling efficient cost optimization. Effortlessly allocate costs and break down expenditures by organization, product, region, usage type, or custom tags for precise management.

Leverage Finout's cost governance suite to identify anomalies, manage budgets, and forecast expenses. Plus, take advantage of CostGuard, our optimization layer, to automatically detect waste and receive cost reduction recommendations across Datadog logs, metrics, and products.

Tired of failing to optimize your Datadog spend?

Budgeting, Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

Integrating your Datadog spend with Finout's cost governance suite allows you to easily manage your spend, identify cost spikes, and forecast your monthly bill. With Finout, you can effortlessly track and monitor your expenses, maintain control over your budget, and ensure transparency in your billing.

Automatically spot waste & reduce spend

Finout actively identifies wasteful usage in your logs, metrics, and other products, helping you reduce spend from day one. Our platform goes beyond monitoring usage, actively seeking ways to optimize costs.

The complete cost guide 

See your MegaBill spend in Datadog

Finout’s app is available in Datadog’s marketplace, allowing you to see all our amazing spend widgets alongside your usage in Datadog (yes, even including Datadog costs).

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Learn everything you need about Finout's Datadog cost management integration

01 How easy is it to integrate into Finout?

It only takes a few minutes, and you don't need to add code. Please read our full documentation or book a time with us to review and learn more.

02 How much can we save using Finout?

Finout is not only about saving; it can easily help you see your Datadog spending at any granularity and allocate costs however you need.

That said, we usually see around 30% cost reduction yearly. 

03 Do you detect cost anomalies in Datadog?

Yes, Finout's Cost Governance Suite detects cost spikes right out of the box! 

By seamlessly integrating your Datadog expenditure with Finout's comprehensive Datadog cloud cost management governance suite, you empower yourself with a robust platform that simplifies spend management, enabling you to navigate through intricate financial landscapes effortlessly. This integration goes beyond mere tracking, offering you a holistic solution to promptly identify and address potential cost spikes.

With Finout, you gain a strategic advantage in forecasting your monthly bills, allowing for proactive financial planning. The Datadog cloud cost management features within Finout's suite enhance your ability to analyze and optimize expenditures precisely, ensuring a seamless and unified approach to managing your costs effectively in the dynamic realm of cloud computing.

04 Can you forecast your Datadog spending using Finout?

Yes, after creating a budget, you can forecast your Datadog spend at any granularity.

05 How do you detect waste?

In addition to Finout's vigilant monitoring capabilities, Finout CostGuard takes a proactive stance in Datadog cost management and optimization by actively identifying and mitigating wasteful usage across your Logs, Custom Metrics, and Synthetics.  From the onset of integration, Finout sets a comprehensive strategy to curtail unnecessary expenditures, ensuring that your financial resources are maximized efficiently.

By delving deeper into your data streams, Finout monitors usage and actively seeks Datadog cost management optimization opportunities.

06 What benefits do you gain from viewing your MegaBill spend in Datadog?

Seamlessly integrating Finout's powerful application into Datadog's marketplace gives you a centralized hub for a comprehensive overview of your entire financial landscape. This collaboration enhances your user experience by allowing you to effortlessly access Finout's exceptional spend widgets alongside your usage data within Datadog. The synergy between Finout and Datadog is designed to provide you with a unified and streamlined interface, ensuring you have real-time visibility into the intricacies of your expenditures.

07 Do you charge for your Datadog savings?

No, Finout has a transparent fixed price, and we take zero percent of your savings.