Case Study
Wiz's cloud environment
Company Size

500-1000 employees




New York, NY USA

About Wiz

Known as cyber security’s largest unicorn, Wiz was founded with a mission to help companies create secure cloud environments that accelerate their businesses. Wiz’s powerful platform provides the insights needed to mitigate risks and unlock innovation. The company protects millions of cloud workloads across their client base which includes over 35% of the Fortune 100 companies and is considered the fastest-growing software company ever. 

Key Results

  • MegaBill: Finout consolidates Wiz’s massive cloud infrastructure spend into one easily manageable dashboard.
  • Customized Dashboards: One platform that tailors the narrative to each team's needs, ensuring everyone receives the information they require.
  • Metrics: WIZ is able to connect every dollar spent to a specific KPI and track progress over time.
  • Countless Hours Saved: Finout’s FinOps features provides actionable insights significantly faster than the time otherwise spent on Excel sheets, calculators, and gathering data
  • Bigger FinOps Team: Finout’s solution gives Wiz’s FinOps team “another set of eyes” utilizing a robust cost management suite.
“We don’t work with vendors. We work with partners. Finout is like an additional member of my FinOps team.” 

Ron Tzrouya | Lead Cloud FinOps & Analysis

Wiz’s FinOps Challenge

As a company that was born and bred to exist in the cloud, Wiz’s overall mission is to provide their customers with a complete solution that protects their unique cloud environments. 

A young company - founded in March 2020, Wiz has undergone extremely rapid growth in the last three years, becoming the fastest SaaS company to reach a $100M ARR. The company operates entirely in the cloud, and on such a massive scale, that they use 7 public and private cloud providers.

Fortunately, the entire Wiz team - from the C-suite to the finance team to the product and development staff - was already attuned to the need to manage cloud costs and remain efficient while still growing as fast as possible. They just needed to find a solution that would be able to handle the company’s massive needs.

Why Finout?

Finout addressed the company’s main needs - beyond managing the huge number of cloud providers and data warehouses, it provides the unique ability to assign a specific KPI to each dollar spent. This precision is critical for understanding the exact cost of each customer as well as the development cost of each feature for a solution to maximize profitability.

Finout’s versatility was also a key selling point for Wiz. While every department from Finance to Product Development takes an active interest in cloud costs, each team approaches this from a unique perspective, desiring information that is presented and tailored to their specific needs and relevancies.

“With Finout, it is easy to gather huge amounts of data from a range of sources and create reports that suit each department, tailored to their specific KPIs.”

Ron Tzrouya | Lead Cloud FinOps & Analysis

With this information, teams can prioritize areas of focus and identify opportunities for significant cost savings. 

The Results of Onboarding Finout’s Cloud Observability Platform

Visibility Across the Board

With Finout’s MegaBill, everyone is able to see a holistic picture of the cloud environment across the company. The full costs of each supplier are all in one place, making it easy to see where it makes sense to drill down and look for ways to save costs. 

Personalized Self-Service Dashboards

Finout's Customizable Dashboards enable stakeholders to access tailored information and share insights, promoting collaboration and teamwork. Finance, Product, and Development teams can use the platform to view relevant graphs and financial data, analyze cost implications, and work towards shared goals effectively.

”Finout lets me give answers rather than ask questions.”

Ron Tzrouya | FinOps Lead

Finout’s dashboards save countless hours on both exporting data and meetings regarding what each department wants to see; now any user can get the data they need in minutes.

A True Partnership

One of the main reasons why Wiz chose to work with Finout was because of the Finout team. From the beginning, they proved their familiarity with the space in which Wiz and their customers operate. It was - and continues to be - obvious that the Finout team is well aware of the challenges that the solution needs to address and they are committed to working together to make sure that Wiz gets everything it needs from the product. 

“At Wiz, we’re always moving and growing; that’s why we need a tool that can work with us and handle massive changes at scale that take place from one day to the next”

Ron Tzrouya | Lead Cloud FinOps & Analysis


Key Results for Wiz
  • One consolidated platform for Wiz's massive cloud infrastructure.
  • Dashboards for individual team requirements. 
  • Ability to link spend to specific KPIs and monitor progress.
  • Significant time savings on spend analysis.

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