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Product Update - Datadog Native Integration

Product Update - Datadog Native Integration

While Finout's app is excellent for most users, there is much to be said about seeing your spend alongside your usage inside an observability platform such as Datadog.

The benefits are straightforward; each developer can understand in real time how his work impacts the company's bottom line. Or, in other words - why he is accountable to an extent to the company spend. 

That's how you make data-driven business decisions - or in other words; how FinOps works!


Moreover, adding Finout to Datadog makes it easier than ever before to monitor spending/usage without wasting time and resources on checking 3-4 different tools (AWS CUR/KubeCost/Snowflake Cost Center, for example).

Yes, you can see the spend from any cost center, including all cloud providers, data warehouses, CDNs and Datadog. You can even measure Datadog spend inside Datadog using the app. Kinda cool, we know!

How to integrate Finout's Native app into Datadog?

A. Make sure you have an account in Finout (with all your cloud services spend inside it)

B.  Search Finout in the Datadog marketplace

C. Add any cost dashboard you want, including unit economics!

D. Start reducing your spend

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