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Kubernetes - Finout Cloud Cost Management tool

Manage & Reduce Kubernetes Cost
without adding an agent

Understand your cost for running Kubernetes on AWS

While AWS charges you by the instance, what you really care about is your pods. With no-agent integration, utilize your existing Datadog or Prometheus, and get pod-level granularity of your spend. In other words - add K8s to your CUR.

Before Finout, I used complicated excel sheets and spent hours every month collecting data from various platforms and allocating our costs to our customers. Now, I can see it daily and get the answers I need in seconds.
Tomer Kazaz

Tomer Kazaz, Co-Founder & CTO

After a quick integration I finally understood my AWS and Kubernetes cost, grouping by whatever I want without having to define that beforehand.
Rotem Birman

Rotem Birman - DevOps Team Leader

Building a SaaS solution requires us to be cost-conscious from day one - and Cost Explorer was simply not enough. Finout was the ideal solution.
Ran Nozik

Ran Nozik - Co-Founder & CTO

Measuring unit cost over time and allocating it to our customers was the main goal for adopting FinOps in Logz.io - Finout is now being used daily to track usage and gross-margin for better visibility to the leadership team
Yulia Perlis

Yulia Perlis - FinOps

Finout finally allows the team to look at their cost bills from a business perspective while also supporting their FinOps needs to constantly improve with their cost optimization solutions with no extra engineering hours required
Ofir Nir

Ofir Nir - Head of DevOps


How Finout solves your Kubernetes cost challenges

Give your cloud spend real business context such as price per customer or transaction

Understanding Kubernetes cost is only the start, finout empowers your company to gain maximum business value by helping engineering, finance, technology, and business teams to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions easily,
Learn more about our platform here.

Learn how Hunters got 100% accurate K8s cost monitoring

"When onboarding a new client, I’m calm as I know exactly how much they cost me in real-time and understand what’s the best pricing offer I can give them - there isn’t anything like that in the market.” Tomer Kazaz, Hunters’ Co-Founder and CTO

Finout is a FinOps first Platform

Allocate cloud costs to the suitable business units and teams instantly, then customize and share visibility and insights from your entire cloud infrastructure into Datadog using Finout native application to see cost alongside your usage.
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