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How Armis FinOps optimized their EKS spend by almost 50%

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In this webinar

Dive deep with us into Armis FinOps' transformative strategies that enabled them to slash their EKS expenses by nearly 50%.

Uncover the methods, tools, and key decisions they harnessed, and gain insights that might be the game-changer for your own EKS spend. Presented by Finout's CPO & Co-Founder and Armis' FinOps Lead- this is a journey of optimization and innovation you won't want to miss.

Whether you're a financial wizard, tech enthusiast, or just curious about Kubernetes optimization, there's invaluable wisdom ahead.

Your speakers

  • Asaf-2

    Asaf Liveanu Co-Founder & CPO

  • Eli Mutchnik Finout

    Eli Mutchnik FinOps Lead