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Best practices for controlling cloud expenses during rapid growth

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As businesses scale, controlling cloud expenses becomes both crucial and challenging. How do you maintain a balance between growth and expenditure? In this webinar, we will dive into proven strategies and best practices with our special guest, the Lead Cloud FinOps & Analysis from Wiz, a company known for its remarkable growth.

Learn firsthand about the methods Wiz employed to keep their cloud costs in check without hindering their progress. From daily practices to long-term strategies, get a comprehensive look into the world of efficient cloud finance management.

Whether you're a startup, an established business facing scaling challenges, or a professional in the FinOps space, this session promises to equip you with actionable insights to foster growth while managing expenses effectively. 

Your speakers

  • Roi-Rav-Hon

    Roi Rav-Hon CEO & co-founder

  • Ron Tzrouya Wiz (1)

    Ron Tzrouya Lead Cloud FinOps & Analysis