Product Update - Weighted Tags

Product Update - Weighted Tags

The major FinOps challenge in understanding cost allocation is managing shared cost, and it comes in two main shapes:

  • Shared Infrastructure - The use of an abstraction layer on top of the most granular cost of the unit you get from your cloud provider, like Kubernetes on top of AWS (you pay for instances, yet use pods).
  • Shared tenancy - a service that might get utilized by multiple customers, features, or products, resulting in difficulties with the assignment.

To solve both those problems, Finout today introduces Weighted virtual tags.

Unlike other vendors, we know that a fixed percentage for shared allocation is insufficient.

With the new Weighted Virtual (WV) Tags, you can split any cost, by any metric, from any system.

Let's look at a few examples:

  1. S3 bucket costs can be broken down into folders using S3 Inventory
  2. The transaction handling EC2 can be allocated to prod/staging based on a Datadog metric
  3. Spark EMR cluster can be broken down into jobs based on a Prometheus metric

With this new feature, Finout remains the most open and flexible solution out there, with endless cost allocation possibilities - and virtually nothing that can't be done.

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