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Product Update - Datadog Cost Center

Product Update - Datadog Cost Center

Once integrated, our customers can monitor their DataDog cost in their mega-bill and also get a breakdown of their spending by more dimensions, for example:

  • Product (Infrastructure, Log Management, APM, etc.)
  • Organization and sub-Organization
  • Cost type: committed Vs. On-Demand

You can now use Finout to understand your Datadog cost in real-time, optimize your commitments, and showback cost accurately within your organization. Of course, Datadog is part of your Mega Bill - which means you can use the cost across Finout’s Dashboards, Virtual Tags, Weighed Tags, Cost per Customer and more! You can even use the Finout Datadog Application to see Datadog cost within Datadog dashboards.

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Finout's Datadog integration is available as part of your existing Finout plan without any additional charge.


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