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Product Update - Customizable dashboards

Product Update - Customizable dashboards

Processing all the data Finout can provide can be a bit overwhelming, which infinite granularity, groups by's, filters, and unit costs. On top of countless services and tags you can add, well... you need a way so all the data you really need in one, adaptive screen.

Introduction Finout's customizable dashboards; Using this feature, any user can create his own fully live dashboard that displays the data he needs the way he wants to see it. 



A. AWS And EKS dashboard of allocated and unallocated spend across regions, labels and services. 

B. Datadog dashboard reviewing all your services and sub-services spend, and gives you insight into waste and unused entries. 

C. A Showback screen for teams or applications. Per cloud providers and combining them all.

D. A unit cost dashboard for the Finance team, with cost per event, feature, segment, and customer.

And yes, the entire environment is self-service, including creating any unit economics you want.

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