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Product Update - CostGuard

Product Update - CostGuard

We are excited to launch Finout's CostGuard. From today, Finout's platform can actively help reduce infrastructure costs from day one with no extra charge.

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The current beta includes:

  1. Idle Resource Locator - no matter the cost source (AWS, Snowflake or GCP), if it is an idle resource, Finout can identify and send you an alert.
  2. Predefined Anomaly Detection - Our own anomaly engine will protect our customers from unplanned cost spikes and alert them the moment they happen.
  3. Rightsizing Recommendations - Finout can now provide super-intelligent rightsizing recommendations! As one of the biggest challenges for modern FinOps teams, Finout now got your rightsizing back. This service is available now for a few select AWS resources, with a lot more (including Kubernetes) to arrive shortly after.

CostGuard Beta is available as part of your existing Finout plan, without any additional charge.

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