Product Update - CostGuard

Product Update - CostGuard

Introducing the latest update to CostGuard- new UI!

We've rebuilt the CostGuard page UI to improve waste tasks management, making CostGuard more robust than ever. 

See it in action- 

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Finout’s CostGuard is a powerful tool for identifying areas within your infrastructure that are ripe for cost optimization. As cost optimization is always a high priority, CostGuard provides a comprehensive solution that is seamlessly integrated with the MegaBill.

With CostGuard, you can easily identify cost-optimization opportunities that are relevant for your virtual tags, different teams, environments, and cost centers - all in one centralized location. This makes it easier than ever to streamline your cost optimization efforts and achieve maximum savings.

CostGuard can actively help reduce infrastructure costs from day one with no extra charge. 

CostGuard includes:

  1. Idle Resource Locator - no matter the cost source (AWS, Snowflake or GCP), if it is an idle resource, Finout can identify and send you an alert.
  2. Predefined Anomaly Detection - Our anomaly engine will protect our customers from unplanned cost spikes and alert them the moment they happen.
  3. Rightsizing Recommendations - Finout can provide super-intelligent rightsizing recommendations! As one of the biggest challenges for modern FinOps teams, Finout got your rightsizing back. This service is available now for select AWS resources and Kubernetes, with a lot more (including Snowflake) to arrive shortly after.
  4. Commitment- Identifying resources that are regularly in use helps to identify potential savings that can be had by signing up for savings plans.


CostGuard is available as part of your existing Finout plan without any additional charge.

Want to join? (why won’t you, really). 

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