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Product Update - MegaBill Anomaly Detection: Take Full Control of Your Cloud Costs

Product Update - MegaBill Anomaly Detection: Take Full Control of Your Cloud Costs

We’re proud to introduce Finout’s Anomaly Detection - now live across Finout's MegaBill

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Finout’s Anomaly detection is a new and robust capability that identifies anomaly findings in all cloud services such as AWS, GCP, Datadog, Databricks, Kubernetes, and more. Moreover, using Finout’s Virtual Tagging feature you can also detect spend anomalies for teams, environments, or literally any other unit cost you want to track.

By using real-time threshold-based alerts, you are immediately notified on Slack or Email of any unexpected spikes in cloud costs that require your attention, allowing you to take action quickly.


In other words, for the first time ever, any company can have a single, cloud-agnostic cost spike detection solution across not only cloud providers such as AWS and Azure – but also Kubernetes, Snowflake, CirclCI, Databricks, Datadog, Kubernetes, MongoDB, and other 3rd party services, helping FinOps and DevOps to pinpoint anomalies anywhere within their tech stack to avoid waste and overspending


The Benefits of Finout’s Anomaly Detection Solution

1. Custom creation of cloud cost anomaly detection based on your specific requirements. 
2. Gain full control and visibility over your cloud costs and ensure that you only pay for the resources you need.
3. Optimize your cloud usage, avoid unexpected bills, and reduce cloud costs.
4. Convenient channel for receiving anomaly notifications.
5. Instantly identify and mitigate any unexpected spikes in cloud costs. 

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