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The Modern Cloud Cost Management and Observability Tool for FinOps

Finout combines Cloud Providers, Data Warehouses, and CDNs
into one mega bill, enabling an unparalleled business context
view of your cloud spend with no heavy lifting in minutes.


What we do


Finout Integrates with your multi cloud environment, no matter how complex it is, to

correlate and analyze cost into business KPIs, wrapped up as a modern-day ERP system.

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All in one

AWS, K8s and Snowflake cost in one platform.

Quick onboarding

Onboard in minutes - No SDK’s. No API’s. No agents.

Cost Per Customer

From Absolut cost to Cost per Customer in minutes


Pricing will never be connected to the percentage of the bill.


AWS Cost Observibility

AWS Cost Observability

Finout integrates with the CUR and other APIs to give you on-the-cent accuracy of your AWS spend. Filter and group by anything – no limitations, no wait times without the restriction of tags. Just your cost questions answered: fast.
Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

While AWS charges you by the instance, you genuinely care about your pod cost. With no-agent integration, utilize your existing Datadog or Prometheus to get a pod-level granularity of your spend in minutes.

Snowflake Cost Monitoring

Migrated from Athena or BigQuery to Snowflake? You’re not alone, and there is no reason you should not know what you are paying. Finout can integrate basic read-only permissions into your Snowflake data cloud and present you with a table-granularity view of your cost and usage without adding code.

How does it work?

Throw us your bills. We will parse them and make them available for you to query and visualize. AWS? sure why not. Kubernetes? Of course. Snowflake? why not. Datadog? naturally. Challange us, tha't why we've created Finout


Forget about absolute cloud cost. See the cost of what you are utilizing and not only what you are paying for. For example, view Kubernetes pods instead of EC2 instances and DynamoDB indexes. Finout can give you one unified language the entire company can talk in, not only DevOps.

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Track your cost over time with a matching KPI to understand how much you pay for each business unit instead of your gross total. When you are ready, Showback your cost per feature, segment, customer, or event to the teams across the company

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Allocate your unit cost together with dedicated resources all the way back to your customer to understand what is your gross margin to each individual tenant.

Yeah.. It's awesome.


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"Whether you’re a part of a team with an established FinOps practice, or are building up the discipline, everyone can relate to the challenges of mapping cloud utilization cost to their drivers one-to-one." – FinOps Foundation

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