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Google Cloud Platform

Monitor, manage and reduce  GCP costs

Get started within minutes, without changing labels or adding code. 

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Easily understand shifts and anomalies
in your GCP bill

Integrate Finout with Billing Extra Data and other APIs to get on-the-cent accuracy of your GCP spending. Filter and group by anything – no limitations, no wait times, no filter only by labels. Just your cost questions answered: fast.

How does it work?

Using Billing Extra Cost, we add your GCP spend alongside your AWS, Kubernetes, Snowflake and Datadog spend. Make sure you have a complete, granular view of your spending alongside your usage.

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But why talk in labels and regions? Create unit costs and get business context like cost per feature, event or transaction with no heavy lifting. 

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Group by or filter by any region, label, or service. Then drill down as much as needed, detect anomalies and compare to your usage. By the way, you can also do it in our  Datadog native integration if you prefer.

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Finout’s platform is (by far) the fastest cloud cost management platform in the market, saving users time not only by giving them any answers they need with a couple of clicks but also connecting those dots in unmatched snappiness. 

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The complete guide
for GCP pricing

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Finout’s main features

  • AWS, GCP, K8s, Datadog, and Snowflake cost in one platform.
  • Onboard in minutes - No SDKs, No apis. No agents.
  • Customize dashboards, build reports and customize alerts.
  • See your cost alongside your usage in Datadog.
  • Showback spending to your teams.