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Multi-cloud drag & drop dashboards for FinOps, DevOps and more


Fully customizable

Fully customizable FinOps drag-and-drop interface; choose from a variety of visualization widgets to display your data and visualize the metrics that matter most to your teams


Single pane of glass

Stop scrolling between endless amount on graphs and dashboards. Now you can see all of Finout in one place. Naturally, you can do the same for your teams, departments or applications.


Data access permissions

Ensure data security and compliance by controlling who can view and edit views & permit stakeholders to view only the information necessary for their decision-making.

All your FinOps needs in one single dashboard
Main FinOps

Finout's custom dashboards for FinOps teams provide a holistic view of cloud spending, enabling real-time cost management, alignment of expenses with business objectives, and implementation of cost management strategies, all within the Finout platform.

Financial leadership

Finout's custom dashboards empower Finance teams to analyze cloud costs, forecast expenses, and monitor budgets. These dashboards facilitate financial control, cost transparency, and management of cloud investments for maximum value and informed decision making.


Finout's platform offers DevOps teams customizable dashboards for real-time cloud insights, from broad overviews to detailed metrics. These dashboards enable efficient monitoring of resource utilization, performance metrics, and operational costs, facilitating optimal resource allocation, performance optimization, and cost-effective scaling of cloud infrastructure. 


Finout's platform provides C-level decision-makers with dashboards focused on cost clarity and strategic oversight. These dashboards integrate data across all cloud providers and services, offering concise financial metrics for informed budgetary decisions and promoting financial accountability at the highest levels.


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Monitor AWS services such as Amazon EC2, S3, RDS, and EKS efficiently, along with tracking Saving Plans and RIs. Finout provides comprehensive tracking of usage, costs, and performance metrics for precise and cost-effective management of your AWS cloud environment.
Gain insights into Google Cloud services; Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, App Engine, GKE, and more. Analyze your GCP spending, manage resources, and make data-driven decisions to improve your GCP operations.
Achieve a unified view of application performance, infrastructure health, and operational efficiency. Visualize metrics, logs, and products in real-time to manage your Datadog infrastructure effectively.
Get detailed insights into your Snowflake data warehouse costs, storage usage, and computing resources. Manage your Snowflake environment for improved cost control and enhanced data analytics capabilities.
View your Kubernetes clusters, pods, and resources in one consolidated dashboard, enabling effective management for optimal performance and cost efficiency in your K8s environment.
Gain visibility into Azure services such as Azure VMs, Blob Storage, Azure SQL Database, and all other Azure services. Users can track their Azure expenditure, optimize resource utilization, and ensure they are getting the most value from their Azure investments

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