How it works

With Finout's CostOptimizer, you can maximize your cost savings through effective cost optimization strategies. Our solution enables you to save up to 45% on EC2 costs by dynamically buying and selling RIs based on real-time needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing discount programs or manually reducing costs, as our automated system takes care of it for you.

 By continuously adapting to changes and improving scalability, we optimize your spend without requiring any effort from your side. Moreover, with Finout, you retain 100% of your cost savings, making us the ultimate choice for cost optimization in the FinOps realm.

Still paying fees on your savings?

Main abilities

Real-time cloud cost optimization

Finout’s algorithm automatically maximizes AWS discounts continuously by aligning discount instruments to compute usage as it increases and decreases.

  • Save up to 60% of your cloud spend.
  • We collect usage performance metrics from real-time data sources.
  • Control AWS purchases by instance family and region. 

Stop giving away your savings

Finout charges a fixed affordable price from your cloud spend and gives you 100% of your savings back. This means that if CostOptimzier saved you $100K, that’s what you are going to get, on top of all the over savings Finout provides.
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Stressless commitment

CostOptimizer ensures that if your usage goes down, it takes the initiative to sell your reserved instances on the AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace- making cost optimization a pain free process.
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Request a free savings analysis

Experience the ultimate FinOps optimization solution with Finout, where we take 0% savings fees.

  • 5 minutes set up
  • Codeless integration
  • No saving fees

CostOptimzer FAQ

Learn how Finout's Cost optimization tool works

01 What is CostOptimizer?

CostOptimizer is an automatic commitment management feature that can buy and sell Reserve Instances across any group.

02 Which cloud provider CostOptimizer support?

CostOptimizer currently supports EC2 but we will be adding more services and cloud providers soon.

03 How much savings fees do you charge?

Finout does not charge any saving fees. CostOptimizer is open to all Finout's paying customers.

04 How much can you save with CostOptimizer?

Up to 45% of your EC2 costs, or in other words hundreds of thousands of dollars easily.

05 Does Finout guarantee to buy back sold RIs?

No, as we don't charge saving fees, there is no need. In addition, you can simulate saving per group and not use CostOptimizer  on your entire account.

06 Is CostOptimizer free?

No, you will need to buy Finout's FinOps platform, and it is included inside Finout's platform alongside CostGuard, Instant tagging, Cost per entity and of course our MegaBill