Cost Optimization

Optimize your cloud costs & cut your bill by up to 60%

Deploy Finout's Optimization Suite using Finout.AI to detect and reduce cloud waste from day one. Seamlessly manage the purchase and sale of Reserved Instances (RIs) while eliminating savings fees entirely!


How Finout
optimizes cloud spend

Our Optimization Suite is a powerful AI layer integrated into Finout’s MegaBill. From day one it it empowers you with automatic waste detection and provides actionable optimization recommendations.

Furthermore, Finout enables autopilot management of RIs, allowing for daily trading. And the best part? Finout does not charge any savings fees, ensuring you maximize your cost savings without any additional charges.

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Still paying fees on your savings?

How Finout manages and optimizes your cloud spend


Right from the start, effortlessly identify waste and equip your developers with actionable insights they can actually use. With our out-of-the-box solution, gain access to Rightsizing, idle resource detection, and commitment recommendations that not only save you valuable time but also enable you to swiftly identify and minimize wasteful spending.

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Make Finout.AI an integral part of your AWS environment to seamlessly manage commitments round the clock, all while enjoying the benefits of zero additional savings fees. Experience the most cost-effective optimization solution in the market with Finout.AI.


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Experience the ultimate FinOps optimization solution with Finout, where we take 0% savings fees.

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