Case Study
Hunters cloud environment
Company Size

100-250 employees


Cyber Security


Tel Aviv, IL

About Hunters

Hunters is a B2B Cyber Security company that empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to incidents across their entire attack surface. Through built-in detection engineering, data correlation, and automatic investigation, Hunter helps teams focus on what matters without being overwhelmed by volume, complexity, or false positives.

Hunters mitigate real threats faster and more reliably than traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools, ultimately reducing their customers’ overall security risk.

Hunters FinOps Challenge

During the last couple of years, the cybersecurity sector in general, and Hunters especially, have experienced tremendous growth. As Hunters scaled up the number of cloud services they rely on and the complexity of their infrastructure has grown accordingly. Hunters’ primary offering requires working with enormous datasets. Their cloud infrastructure is composed of AWS and Snowflake to handle the big data. This architecture enabled Hunters’ to scale rapidly and support data-heavy customers. However, this architecture also required that the Hunters DevOps and Finance teams (including the CTO) to invest an enormous amount of time and attention to understanding the incoming invoices. The huge variations between different clients’ cloud usage meant the profit margin changed dramatically according to each client’s usage. Yet no one could identify which client was responsible for the changes in the invoice’s bottom line.

As the usage grew, each month ended with a hefty invoice that created more questions than answers. For example, questions like "Why did our cost grow by 5%?" or "Is client X still profitable?" remained unanswered. Also, this issue expanded over time – as the usage grew, the risk of losing cost control grew with it.

And so, in mid-2020, Hunters sought a FinOps solution to their cloud cost challenges. Hunters tried CloudHealth and Snowflake’s cost tools to get the data and exported their results into Excel files. This method, however, did not solve all Hunters’ problems.

“Every day, I opened Cloudheath and Snowflake billing and spent hours exporting to Excel and calculating metrics. Now I get it all, with one click, on the Finout dashboard.”

Tomer Kazaz | Co-Founder & CTO

CloudHealth couldn’t provide precise cost allocation for Hunters’ multi-tenancy environment, which leveraged AWS and Kubernetes. Moreover, it didn’t support Snowflake. The time it took to export and report on the data was significant. That meant they could only monitor charges once a month.

Due to the manual work within Excel, there was a constant concern that the numbers were not accurate or that they were already obsolete by the time they were delivered. The Excel report didn’t give the decision-makers all the information they needed, nor could it be quickly changed or expanded.

“Finout finally allows the team to look at their cost bills from a business perspective while also supporting their FinOps needs to constantly improve their cost optimization solutions – with no extra engineering hours required.”

Tomer Kazaz | Co-Founder & CTO

Why Finout?

Finout is built by engineers that suffered the exact issues that Hunters faced. This is why Finout elegantly addresses FinOps’ and DevOps’ cost demands in modern cloud environments. In other words, it was Hunters’ ideal solution.

“Finout is the only place I can attribute both AWS and Snowflake to my customers and understand how my gross margin is behaving over time.״

Tomer Kazaz | Co-Founder & CTO

The Results of Onboarding Finout’s Cloud Observability Platform

Hunters gained a single platform to manage all their cloud costs (AWS, K8s, Snowflake). Finout enabled Hunters to slice and dice their infrastructure costs using various business KPIs. This created full visibility over the desired Unit Economics: achieving an accurate and automatic cost-per-customer view.

“I can now put my business metrics and application metrics on top of my usage, so I can understand immediately the efficiency of my cloud spend.”

Tomer Kazaz | Co-Founder & CTO

The cost-per-customer view alone changed the way Hunters can operate in the cloud. Before Finout, Hunters could only monitor absolute cost in several different systems. After Finout’s implementation, the level of cost observability has reached a point in which each anomaly for any business KPI, or a change in a customer’s usage, can be monitored and reviewed almost in real-time – ensuring that their cloud cost growth is healthy and based on a client or company needs.

“When onboarding a new client, I’m calm as I know exactly how much they cost me in real-time and understand what’s the best pricing offer I can give them - there isn’t anything like that in the market.”

Tomer Kazaz | Co-Founder & CTO

Today, Finout enables Hunters to maximize their business value by helping Engineering, Finance, Dev, and Sales teams to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions daily, practicing FinOps Disciplines and saving tens of thousands of dollars.

 “It’s amazing to see all the departments in Hunters talk about Finout as an integral part of their decision-making process within such a short time of integration.”

Tomer Kazaz | Co-Founder & CTO

And, this is only the beginning; Finout is rapidly becoming a go-to platform for any part of the company that needs to determine strategy, from development and deployment to buyer persona metrics and budget forecasting.

 “We use Finout constantly to evaluate new use cases decide on our approach in growing into new markets and developing new features.”

Tomer Kazaz | Co-Founder & CTO

Hunters are excited to see what they can achieve now that their cost visibility has been unleashed.

Key Results

Adopt FinOps company-wide & easily manage spend

Result for Hunters
  • One MegaBill - for all of Hunters spending.
  • Detailed Cost Per Customer - distilled down to a cost-per-customer view.
  • Dozens of engineering hours saved monthly - on cost calculations.
  • Customized dashboards for all teams - Sales, Finance, and Engineering.

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