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Tired of failing to optimize your Datadog spend?

Finout's Datadog Optimization Scans

Identify wasteful Debug logs

Finout’s CostGuard identifies all those forgotten Debug logs, and puts a dollar sign for every wasteful log line. Finout scans your logs usage data in Datadog on a daily basis and streamlines optimization by leveraging Datadog tags for easy identification and rectification, helping your team save on log storage expenses.


Identify Idle Custom Metrics

Sending Custom Metrics to Datadog should serve a purpose, but sometimes unused metrics slip through the cracks. Finout's engine thoroughly examines all your Datadog metrics on a daily basis, pinpointing those that do not appear on any dashboard and lack associated monitors.


Identify Idle Synthetic tests (coming soon)

When a new synthetic test is configured but not linked to a monitor, it becomes a wasteful expenditure. Finout's daily infrastructural scans promptly identify such unmonitored synthetic tests, ensuring you receive timely notifications through CostGuard.


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Learn everything about Finout's Datadog cost optimization scans

01 What do you scan?

Finout scans Datadog usage for wasted resources on Logs, Custom Metrics, and Synthetics. Identifying useless resources you can remove and save their cost.

02 Do I pay for the savings found?

No! Finout does not charge any savings fees. We have a fixed, transparent pricing model that's isn't connected to savings. 

03 How do I integrate my Datadog bill to Finout?

Easily, you do not need any code changes. Just review our documentation.

04 Where can I learn more about Datadog pricing?

You can review our full pricing guide here.

05 Will you be adding more Datadog waste scans in the future?

Yes! There will be more scans coming. Also, feel free to reach out and suggest more scans for Finout, we would love to add them.

06 Do you only scan for Datadog waste?

Finout's Optimization Suite efficiently scans for wasteful usage across various AWS services, including EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, and Kubernetes. The suite offers comprehensive recommendations on rightsizing, commitment, and idle resource management, enabling businesses to optimize their cloud infrastructure cost-effectively.