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Discover how, using Finout, Singular eliminated unnecessary savings fees for commitment management and reduced their COGS by over 30%.


About Singular

Singular is a marketing intelligence tool that consolidates analytics, offering insights from isolated data. It links early-stage marketing with attribution data, enabling ROI measurement across channels and fine-tuning of expenses. Singular centralizes marketing data, connects crucial datasets for growth, and streamlines data into your preferred warehouse. Clients include Lyft, Rovio, Airbnb, Zynga, and more Fortune 500 companies.

Singular’s FinOps Challenge

In the past few years, Singular has experienced tremendous growth. As it scaled up, so did the number of AWS services and the complexity of their usage in their infrastructure. This resulted in many workloads with thousands of tenants to monitor –and a hefty AWS bill to accompany it.

The arduous setup process of creating the tools and then monitoring the cloud process added a layer of complexity to Singular’s work that took a lot of time and effort from the dev team. A better solution was needed.

Singular needed a platform that on the one hand be able to help them examine their AWS strategy and identify any opportunities to reduce resource waste, and on the other hand, support the growing usage of the different technologies that are required for a single place of their cost to be monitored and analyzed.
Lastly, the platform needed to be able to supply the company’s leadership (product, CS, and executive level) with the level of visibility needed for them to make business decisions based on their infrastructure costs.

Transitioning to Finout's CostOptimizer from a rival solution was seamless, resulting in substantial immediate savings on fees. Additionally, our daily savings have significantly increased, and we now save more while spending much less"

Ofir Nir | Head of DevOps

Singular's' need for a cost optimization solution

To counteract escalating costs, Singular previously used a cloud cost optimization solution that charged a substantial portion of the savings. However, seeking a tool that could detect team-specific wastage, provide insightful analysis, and offer automatic commitment management without consuming all the savings, they recognized the need for a modern FinOps tool after they event considering hiring multiple developers just to avoid paying a huge amount only for savings fees.

“Singular consistently utilizes Finout's CostGuard at the team level to curb cloud waste, saving a significant amount of money and giving insights our team can actually use".”

Ofir Nir | Head of DevOps

Why Finout?

With Finout, Singular achieves uninterrupted visibility into all their cloud services, eliminating the need for additional tools and bridging the gaps between major cost centers like AWS, Kubernetes, and Snowflake. Additionally, by utilizing Finout's Cost Optimization Suite, Singular saves hundreds of thousands of dollars without incurring any savings fees, making the switch to Finout a no-brainer.

“Finout finally allows the team to look at their cost bills from a business perspective while also supporting their FinOps needs to constantly improve with their cost optimization solutions with no extra engineering hours required”

Ofir Nir | Head of DevOps

By enabling the company to calculate their desired cost per tenant, cost per data workload, and cost per unit of economics Finout gave Singular the holistic solution that they needed, but additional benefits were also a factor.


The platform needed to produce accurate results across all of Singular’s cost centers and adapt to the growing requests from the company as they grow.

Low touch approach

The implementation needs to be easy with no dev work needed. Finout’s platform does not need engineering hours or additional tagging.

Framework Agnostic

The platform needed the ability to calculate the cost per tenant for all of Singular’s cost centers, meaning to support multiple different technologies (AWS, Kubernetes, Snowflake).

Help R&D decision making

By proving full cost observability the teams wanted to get the information they needed to better strategies their cloud cost planning.

Replace internal solutions

The implementation needs to be easy with no dev work needed. Finout’s platform does not need engineering hours or additional tagging.

“In an ever-growing company, the infrastructure tends to grow with it. Using Finout we were able to distinguish the organic growth from the anomalies and catch issues before it was too expensive”

Ofir Nir | Head of DevOps

The Results of Onboarding Finout’s Cloud Observability Platform

Singular was onboarded to Finout in just a couple of hours with no code changes or additional tagging needed. The very next day Singular stakeholders could slice/dice their AWS cost by customers, features, and create a unit of economics cost.

Cost Optimization

Onboarding to Finout's CostOptimizer was quick and seamless, with the immediate benefits outweighing the transition costs. Just by reducing savings fees on commitment management, Singular's cloud expenses plummeted. Coupled with regular CostOptimizer savings and CostGuard, savings easily surpassed $100K

"As Ofir emphasizes, whether savings arise from optimization or reduced fees, it all impacts Singular's COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). By integrating an effective optimization tool like CostOptimizer without any fees, you achieve a cost reduction of over 30% in your COGS."

This experience solidified Finout's FinOps solution as a pivotal component in Singular's Financial & DevOps operations.

Advanced FinOps features:

Today the Singular team can review cost metrics by customer, feature, and unit of economics for AWS, saving dozens of hours a week. At the end of the day, Singular can monitor its cloud costs on a single platform.

The ability to understand how a single tenant use case can influence their margin has already generated several R&D roadmap changes; those decisions could have only been made quickly and effortlessly by monitoring their cost using Finout.

“Finout provides Singular with everything we need for cost observability, management and optimization, with more features added regularly to provide a wider rage of savings opportunities”

Ofir Nir | Head of DevOps


Key Results for Singular
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in  annual savings.
  • 50% off engineering hours saved every month.
  • Saving costs per team using Finout's CostGuard on a regular bases.
  • 100% of Singular's cloud spend is managed in Finout's MegaBill (including AWS, EKS & Snowflake)
  • A detailed, granular view into any cost question in custom dashboards.

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