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Case study - Singular
Case Study

Case study - Singular


About Singular

Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that unifies marketing analytics, giving marketers actionable insights from previously siloed data. By connecting upper funnel marketing data with lower-funnel attribution data, marketers can measure ROI from every touchpoint across multiple channels and optimize spend down to the most granular level.
Singular is built to provide a single source of truth for marketing performance. They simplify marketing

data by automatically connecting and combining your most important datasets to expose insights needed to scale. Singular’s Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solution automatically extracts your marketing data from Singular, organizes it into best-in-class schemas, and pushes it directly into your favorite data warehouse to power your reporting tools. Our customers include Lyft, Rovio, Warby Parker, Airbnb, Wish, Zynga, Netmarble, and other Fortune 500 brands.

Singular Visibility Challenge:

In the past few years, Singular has experienced tremendous growth. As it scaled up, so did the number of AWS services and the complexity of their usage in their infrastructure that resulted in many workloads with thousands of tenants to monitor– and a hefty AWS bill to accompany it.

The arduous setup process of creating the tools and then monitoring the cloud process added a layer of complexity to Singular’s work that took a lot of time and effort from the dev team. A better solution was needed.

Singular needed a platform that on the one hand be able to help them examine their AWS strategy and identify any opportunities to reduce resource waste, and on the other hand, support the growing usage of the different technologies that are required for a single place of their cost to be monitored and analyzed.

Lastly, the platform needed to be able to supply the company’s leadership (product, CS, and executive-level) the level of visibility needed for them to make business decisions based on their infrastructure costs.

Why Finout?

With Finout, Singular is able to get complete, uninterrupted visibility into all their cloud providers without having to manage any other tools, to “break the barriers” between Singular’s major cost centers (AWS, Kubernetes, Snowflake).

That’s why Finout’s solution was idle -

“Finout finally allows the team to look at their cost bills from a business perspective while also supporting their FinOps needs to constantly improve with their cost optimization solutions withno extra engineering hours required”.

By enabling the company to calculate their desired cost per tenant, cost per data workload, and cost per unit of economics Finout gave Singular the holistic solution that they needed, but additional benefits were also a factor:

Accuracy – the platform needed to produce accurate results across all of Singular’s cost centers and adapt to the growing requests from the company as they grow.

Low touch approach - The implementation needs to be easy with no dev work needed. Finout’s platform does not need engineering hours or additional tagging.

Framework Agnostic - the platform needed the ability to calculate the cost per tenant for all of Singular’s cost centers, meaning to support multiple different technologies (AWS, Kubernetes, Snowflake).

Help R&D decision making - by proving full cost observability the teams wanted to get the information they needed to better strategies their cloud cost planning.

Replace internal solutions - Singular’s current internal solution took a lot of effort from the R&D team to develop, review and maintain. The platform needed to take that workload off.

“In an ever-growing company, the infrastructure tends to grow with it. Using Finout we were able to distinguish the organic growth from the anomalies and catch issues before it was too expensive”

Singular was onboarded to Finout in just a couple of hours with no code changes or additional tagging needed. The very next day Singular stakeholders could slice/dice their AWS cost by customers, features, and create a unit of economics cost.

Today the Singular team can review cost metrics by customer, feature, and unit of economics for AWS, saving dozens of hours a week. At the end of the day, Singular can monitor its cloud costs on a single platform. The ability to understand how a single tenant use case can influence their margin has already generated several R&D roadmap changes; those decisions could have only been made quickly and effortlessly by monitoring their cost using Finout.

Intersted in seeing Finout's platform live? Sign up today!

Company size: 250-500

Industry: Advertising Services

Headquarters : San Francisco, US

Singular Key Results

  • 50% off
    engineering hours

    saved cost monitoring
  • 100%
    cloud visibility

    saved cost monitoring
  • One
    platform needed

    saved cost monitoring
  • Improved
    cloud cost

    saved cost monitoring